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My purpose as an artist is to accentuate the beautiful in an ugly world, while also reflecting my time and my truth. To me, "truth" is a lie made beautiful, ugly, or poignant by the artist.


My paintings always seem to gravitate towards people, faces, and the figure. I believe I am looking for an emotional connection, a certain action that speaks about our humanity, our biography, our wit--and I want to say it with simple but universally recognizable gestures, subtle nuances, and suggestive body language.

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Art will never exhaust the human experience, mined and routed as it may be. By overturning stones and finding stories that have not been spoken, there are always new connections to discover and paint.


Born in Nashville, I was educated at the University of South Carolina and the University of North Florida. For decades, my work has been shown in both private and public collections, and I have been honored to be the Artist in Residence for Duval County, and I now work in the beautiful CoRK Arts District in historic Riverside, Jacksonville.